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Zilzal/Earthquake Trip


Thunder (ar-R’ad) Tour


The four Jannah rivers Tour


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Khidr Explorer ToursExplorer Tours

Khidr explorer introduces you to adrenaline-filled authentic adventures. Experience Europe with tailor-made journeys that serve as a catalyst for your joy and happiness. Highlights of our explorer tours include ballooning, kayaking, rafting, big game fishing, paragliding and much more. Every tour is based on timeless stories from the Eternal source, taking your experience to a whole new level. Workshops incorporated in the tour are led by experienced professionals and mentors who have designed an amazing program which will satisfy your needs and fulfill your desires.

Khidr Spirt ToursCity Tours

Our Khidr City tours are specially designed for free-spirited people seeking to enrich their happily busy lives. These tailor-made journeys will take you on a road of discovering new places, meeting new people, nationalities, interests, as well as introducing you to cultural relevancies and local customs. These tours include seminars, museum and gallery visits, visiting actual cultural events, meeting with local artists and many more. Workshops incorporated in the tour are led by experienced professionals and mentors, inspired by stories form the Book of Guidance. By choosing our city offer you are signing up for a fun ride bound to inspire, enrich and perhaps even change your lives.