halal tourism

Halal Holidays

Hello Halal Holidays Hotel News ME looks at the potential to roll out halal hotels and resorts across the Gulf region with a tailor-made offering that goes way beyond halal food and a non-alcohol environment. We look at Turkey as a case study where the Antalya region is home to more than 20 muslim friendly […]

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A Guide to Muslim Friendly hotels

A Guide to Muslim Friendly Hotels The CrescentRating rating system is a globally-recognised independent rating standard that allows hotels and service providers to be rated based on the services and facilities that they provide Muslim travellers. Their ratings are trusted by a growing audience of Muslim leisure and business travellers who rely on the insights […]

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HalalTrip app for muslim tourists

The HalalTrip – mobile app for Muslim tourists

The HalalTrip app to make travel easier for Muslims HalalTrip makes Halal Food, Prayer times, Qibla direction, Mosques, Attraction discovery and trip planning for Muslims easier, fun and more intuitive than ever. Whether you are planning to travel for holiday or business, or just want to explore the city where you live, HalalTrip will make […]

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muslim friendly airports

Muslim friendly airports in UK

Muslim friendly airports in UK UK Airports offers terminals with a multi-faith prayer room, prayer rooms cater to both male and female worshippers, halal food at the airports or halal restaurants available a few minutes away from the airport. UK airports are some of the busiest airports in the world and serve millions of passengers throughout […]

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muslim women needs and halal holidays

Muslim women & halal holidays: what to consider?

The special needs of muslim women that the travel industry needs to consider Muslim travellers represent 10 percent of the entire travel economy. With most of these travelers being young and married with families the decision process on where to holiday will be made by all the members in the family. Muslims travel more often […]

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muslim friendly hotels

Halal friendly hotels cater to Muslim Travelers

Halal friendly hotels cater to Muslim Travelers Hoteliers who are keeping up with new marketing trends are trying to adapt to the increased demand for the specific needs of Muslim travelers. Some of them decide on a total transformation into the Muslim friendly hotel, and the other adapt their existing services to consumers of Islamic […]

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Halal Standards and American buying power

American Muslim Buying Power & halal standards

American Muslim Buying Power & halal standards What is the real strength of the Islamic market in the USA? What is the consumption of the average buyer on this market?! Is it profitable to invest in such a thing?! This and many other questions we will try to answer below, representing data obtained from numerous studies. […]

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halal tourism chance for Bosnia

Halal tourism as a chance for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Halal tourism as a chance for Bosnia and Herzegovina How tourism is important to the overall world economy witnesses the data that every eleventh worker is employed in the tourism industry. Halal tourism, as a separate sub-category of religious tourism, is relatively new. It was created as the need to adapt the tourist services to […]

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halal friendly cruising

Turkey’s first ‘halal’ cruise caters for growing market

Turkey’s first ‘halal’ cruise caters for growing market   Halal tourism is one of the fastest-growing markets in the country. The Fusion Tour is organizing this special voyage, like a lucrative format which has seen kosher-friendly and Catholic cruises internationally. In Istanbul in August, Antalya-based company Fusion Tour revealed an enterprising approach to tourism. On […]

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