Halal friendly hotels

A Guide to Muslim Friendly hotels

A Guide to Muslim Friendly Hotels The CrescentRating rating system is a globally-recognised independent rating standard that allows hotels and service providers to be rated based on the services and facilities that they provide Muslim travellers. Their ratings are trusted by a growing audience of Muslim leisure and business travellers who rely on the insights […]

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muslim friendly hotels

Halal friendly hotels cater to Muslim Travelers

Halal friendly hotels cater to Muslim Travelers Hoteliers who are keeping up with new marketing trends are trying to adapt to the increased demand for the specific needs of Muslim travelers. Some of them decide on a total transformation into the Muslim friendly hotel, and the other adapt their existing services to consumers of Islamic […]

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Lake Plivsko in Bosnia

Hotel “Plivsko Jezero” halal hotels in Bosnia

Hotel “Plivsko Jezero”, Jajce , Bosnia and Herzegovina The importance of Halal tourism has been recognized in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For several years, restaurateurs across the country recognize the growing demand of Muslims tourists from the Middle East. They are visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina during the whole year and looking for hotels that respond to […]

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