muslim friendly hotels

Halal friendly hotels cater to Muslim Travelers

Halal friendly hotels cater to Muslim Travelers

Hoteliers who are keeping up with new marketing trends are trying to adapt to the increased demand for the specific needs of Muslim travelers. Some of them decide on a total transformation into the Muslim friendly hotel, and the other adapt their existing services to consumers of Islamic tourism market.

As more customization such as installation, segregated pools or prayer areas require bigger investments, it is possible to take a number of simple steps that allow guests to feel welcome. If inside the object does no halal food is available, the staff should be informed about the locations of nearby halal restaurants. It would also be good to know where the nearest mosque is, the direction of Mecca and the prayer time. A great gesture by hotel management would be to replace the alcohol in the room mini-fridges when they know the guest is Muslim.

Below are some positive examples of the hotels in the world that fully applied the concept muslim friendly and of those who recognized the importance of this concept and trying to adapt their services to Muslim guests.

Adenya Hotel & Resort 5 * Antalya

Adenya hotel in Antalya has five segregated swimming pools for women

Adenya, an exclusive hotel on the southern Turkish coast has a strict muslim friendly policy. Not all the hotel is segregated though: you can have a meal in the restaurant around a table as a whole family. All the served food needs to be halal and there is a strict no-alcohol policy. The hotel also has segregated prayer rooms.

The hotel has a separate entrance for women. When entering into the women’s section You need to pass through security to enter. There are five swimming pools – all segregated and only for women. No cameras or phones are allowed so the women don’t have to worry about people taking photographs of them and ending up on Facebook or wherever. So they can be completely relaxed. There is a beach as well, though totally screened off so that no man can see in.

At the time of Ramadan, the hotel offers a special type of holiday. Beaches should be lit up at night during Ramadan.

women only beach in Antalya

Ampang Hotel 3 * Malaysia

A special designed Islamic floor, hotel rooms reserved for Muslim guests only, Qur’anic verses piped through loudspeakers in the hallway, Qur’an in the room, garments for men and women to wear, a dedicated ablution tap, the hotel’s four resident imams are just some of the features which makes the Ampang hotel as a muslim friendly hotel.

Operations manager at the three-star Ampang hotel, Muhamad Azmir bin Abdul Rahim, told to Al Jazeera that people are looking for something that suits their lifestyle. In an interview from 2012 further states that the guests feel that they need to come and stay there where they can get all these things like the halal food and the prayer room.

Quran copy in hotel rooms

The hotel is located in the Kuala Lumpur suburb of Ampang. Designing a special Islamic floor, the hotel reserves some rooms for Muslim guests only. Quranic verses are piped through loudspeakers in the hallway 24 hours a day.In these rooms, a Quran sits on the bedside table, and garments for men and women to wear while praying are neatly folded on the bed. In the bathrooms, a dedicated ablution tap is provided for guests to perform the ritual cleansing that Muslims must complete before praying.

Downstairs in the lobby, the call to prayer sounds five times a day, calling guests and staff to the prayer room, where one of the hotel’s four resident imams will lead the faithful. Religious scholars and imams from around the world often give lectures in the prayer room, and every Tuesday night guests can attend a free session where Islamic scholars translate the Qur’an from Arabic into English. At the reception desk, guests can leave queries about Islam in a box marked “Ask Ustaz” or religious teacher, who answers their written queries via email or phone. The hotel group was considering expanding overseas in places such as the Middle East, Korea and Myanmar.

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich 5 *

When well-heeled Muslim guests check into the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski in Munich, they know the management and staff will do everything they can to meet their special religious requirements. Through experience with guests from Arab countries the management know that providing things like the proper cuisine, prayer carpets and Arabic-speaking staff is important.

The staff is Arabic-speaking. Other benefits that they offer include 50 Arabic-language TV channels, the marked direction of Makkah for the five daily Muslim prayers, and a prayer room for the guests’ personal staff and security team. They also introduced an Arabic-language iPad so they can order anything they need like newspapers or other items.

Axel Ludwig, General Manager of the 300-room property says that the guest satisfaction drives demand for their luxury suites. He also stated that they provide a special option with Islamic halal food which is being prepared by a Lebanese chef for the room service as Muslim guests generally prefer to dine in their suites.

Hotel La Réserve 5 * Geneva

This luxurious spa resort invites exquisite views of Geneva, the glittering lake, and the astonishing Alpine peaks. Itoffers Muslims a number of benefits during their stay. The restaurant has a halal food and special treats and refreshments from the Middle East during the summer season and the Muslim holidays and non-alcoholic minibars. The Qur’an is available, a prayer mat, the direction of prayer indicated, a special bidet for ablution, Arabic TV channels, female housekeeping/room service staff etc. They offer female spa therapists and spa facilities only for women.

European Capitals in a Muslim Friendly Spirit

On the first Halal Travel Conference in 2014 in Spain a study Muslim Travel Index Europe was published. It states that Muslim tourists from European countries in the first place elected France, then England and Italy in the second place and Germany and Turkey as the third choice.  

Let’s go to Paris


Muslims in Paris forming about 7% of the population.There are more than 70 masaajid and prayer rooms in the city. In fact, every part of the city has a mosque. When it comes to halal food, Paris has a number of options. Halal restaurants are located around the masaajid in every part of the city. There are a number of halal restaurants in the city that serve authentic Indian, Lebanese, Mediterranean, Moroccan, French and Italian cuisine. A number of these  restaurants carry a halal certificate but some of them are Muslim owned and confirm verbally that they serve halal food.

According to those facts, finding mosques and halal food, restaurants in Paris is never difficult. Some of the most famous and most luxurious muslim friendly hotels in Paris, the Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière 5 *, The Park Hyatt Vendome-Paris 5 * 5 * Hotel Lancaster, Hotel Sezz Paris 5*.



United Kingdom is home to slightly more than 2.1 million Muslims. In East London were housed for more than half of the total. Therefore, to find a halal restaurant, mosque or a Muslim friendly hotel in this city is never difficult. The restaurants in London offer cuisines from all around the world and you can find it all on a halal menu. Especially in the eastern part of London.

Some of the most famous and most luxurious muslim friendly hotels in London are: the Landmark London 5 *, Café Royal Hotel 5 *, Dukes Hotel 5 *, Haymarkt Hotel 5 *, The Corinthia London 5*

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