HalalTrip app for muslim tourists

The HalalTrip – mobile app for Muslim tourists

The HalalTrip app to make travel easier for Muslims

HalalTrip makes Halal Food, Prayer times, Qibla direction, Mosques, Attraction discovery and trip planning for Muslims easier, fun and more intuitive than ever.
Whether you are planning to travel for holiday or business, or just want to explore the city where you live, HalalTrip will make it easier, fun and engaging.

In January 2015 a new smartphone app designed to simplify the travel experience of Muslims has been launched. The App has updated in April to include a new prayer calculator that offers Muslim tourists the simplest and most convenient way to calculate prayer times at any given location whether on land, air or sea. This next generation prayer calculator combines science and the latest technology to provide a solution to praying while travelling without any hassle.

Fazal Bahardeen, CEO of HalalTrip, online travel agents for Halal travel, said the app has been launched in direct response to the global trend and will be a huge help for tourists who are planning to travel to any destination.


useful travel apps to aid planning

“We want to offer a complete travel experience with the help of the app. The app will also help users locate and share new Halal food spots in the cities they are residing,” Bahardeen said.

With just a click, the new prayer calculator provides a list of all the mosques in the area along with the estimated time taken to reach them from the current location. The calculator also determines how long it will take for the traveller to reach their hotel and whether they will be able to make it on time for prayers.

“We want to make it easier and more fun for people to plan trips, and discover very important things that influence their travelling decisions such as places to eat along their journey. They can then share this with their network and other travellers,” Bahardeen added.

Other features of the HalalTrip mobile app includes a unique Halal food spotting feature that allows users to “spot” Halal food dishes and upload images, comment and share via social media to millions across the world. Finally, the app also contains a complete collection of Islamic travel prayers in both English and Arabic, with audio playback.

New app calculates prayer times, mosque and halal food location

HalalTrip plans to offer a direct booking service in a few months and will let users make hotel reservations directly via the app.

The free app is available for both iPhone/iPad & Android smartphones and can be downloaded by searching for ‘HalalTrip’ in the App Store/Google Play.

Source: HalalTrip