From Caveman to Astronaut Trip

  • Explorer tour
  • balooning
  • biking
  • boat ride
  • caveing
  • scuba diving


It is a long journey from being illiterate, ridiculed, and finding the refuge in caves to reaching the highest degree and exploring the vastness of space. For a person to physically experience such a demonstration and transformation, one needs to go through a rigorous spiritual training. Normally, such a transformation is more easily acquired at night; with clear skies above and stars as inspiration and guidance. It’s not coincidental that astronauts in their preparation for space travel, spend time in caves, boosting their mental strength. Moreover, we have limited knowledge about caves and inner layers of our planet just like we know so little about space. Our tour will take you from cave exploring, deep in the belly of the earth, to experiencing and discovering mysteries of the sky.

Trip Highlights

  • Visit Baredine caves in Istria Croatia and learn new techniques in cave-climbing. See the underworld and its distinctive flora and fauna.
  • Arrival in Rovinj, city in Croatian Istria. After getting familiar with the city, take a night drive with the boat. Afterwards, it is time to learn something new about our solar system in observatory.
  • Spiritual guidance with emphasis on spiritual journey, from caveman to astronaut workshop, allegory of the cave
  • Underwater tafseer and scuba diving
  • Ballooning in Zagreb


Day 1- Meeting
Arrival at Rovinj. Accommodation in the hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day 2- Enter the caveman
Adventure in cave Baredine. The Baredine Cave has been known and visited since ancient times. The adventure starts with a polygon for cave -climbing where you can try the technique of rope climbing and discover the underworld. We will drive you to a nearby cave (approximately 5 mins). You start with a 14 meter vertical descent into the pit. You will pass all the vertical parts of the cave by rope. A qualified speleologist will ensure the movement through the cave for the entire duration of the tour. The tour will be a combination of walking and climbing. Lunch.
In the late afternoon once more we are going to take a boat ride in front of Rovinj. We are going to enjoy watching one of the most beautiful sunset in Croatia. We hope to have an unforgettable experience of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat. Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3- Underwater tafseer
Scuba diving in the morning. Dive with the introduction of the three-dimensional details of Allah's verses in two phases: bright phase (before the dive, and after surfacing) and dark phase (under the water). After the sun has set and dinner digested we are going to take a night drive with a boat to one of the beautiful islands in front of Rovinj. There we are going to watch  stars with a telescope in company of star connoisseur. Overnight.

Day 4- Bicycle day
Today we will go on a bicycle adventure. Our route will be 50 km long. We will discover the beauties around Rovinj - medieval town of Dvigrad which is dominated by the remains of the Roman basilica but also the legend of the undiscovered treasure of the British pirate Captain Morgan, Lim Valley. Return to a hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day 5- Tales of Rovinj
After the breakfast, guided tour of Rovinj – city on the magnificent coast of Istria (Croatia), right below the Lim Fjord. On the seaside, the town is protected by a high rocky shore and house walls built on cliffs, while the mainland side is protected by solid walls. Departure to Zagreb. Accommodation in the hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day 6- Exit the astronaut
Ballooning in Zagreb. For culmination of our trip, we have prepared for you a once in a lifetime opportunity of seeing the capital of Croatia from the air. It is the place where caveman becomes an astronaut and his spirit is on the greatest level possible.

Day 7


The price includes:
5 x half board in 4* or 5* hotel in Rovinj, 1 x half board in hotel 4* or 5* in Zagreb, guided tour of Rovinj, night drive with powerboat, entrance cave Baredine including speleological adventure, boat trip- searching for dolphins, all equipment for biking day, excursion on Rasa bay, lunches, paragliding ,residence tax, all transfers including 1st and 7th day from to the airport of Zagreb.