Dhul-Qarnayn Tour

  • Explorer tour
  • kayaking
  • orienteering
  • rock climbing
  • tree climbing


Dhul-Qarnayn is our leadership education tour. We take the example of this noble man and his unparalleled leadership skills, intelligent decision making, and an exemplary ability of distinguishing right from wrong. When you are given vast knowledge and/or enviable position of power, what are your responsibilities, obligations and what course of action do you take? All that is at your disposal should not become an obstacle to your humbleness. Wisdom displays itself best in your way of treatment of good and evil. Dhul-Qarnayn does not only ask people to follow his directives, he actively participates in them. In his tour we learn to regard technical knowledge as a gift to be accepted, cultivated, promoted, advanced and used in our own lives and in service to others.

Trip Highlights

  • Practice teamwork, problem solving, decision making.
  • Business idea research, leadership skills development
  • Velebit mountain exploring. Spending time under the stars, enjoying life outside the city noise
  • Learn rock/tree climbing and experience kayaking on beautiful Croatian rivers



Day 1- Welcome
Meeting in Gospic. Introduction. Setting the camp.

Day 2- Dhul-Qarnayn journey
Whole day is dedicated to teamwork and problem solving activities, knots and orienteering skills. Our leadership workshop starts with constructive ideas and proactive discourse. Debriefing and overnight in camp.

Days 3 & 4- Place of a Rising Sun
Expedition days - hiking through the Velebit Mountain. The largest mountain in Croatia, stretching from the Alps and located along the Adriatic coast is a venue for this outdoor training course. The coastal slope is very rocky and bare and the inland, although steeper is almost completely covered in forest. Almost the whole area of Velebit is protected as a nature park and some parts are protected in a category of a national park. These days we will practice communication, teamwork and leadership skills. Also, we are going to do some rock climbing/ tree climbing and abseiling. Overnight in bivouacs on different location each day.

Day 5-Hold on to the Rope
Introduction to the maritime skills, close to the town Jablanac. Hiking from Alan pass to the climbing site Strogir. Climbing activities in the climbing area Strogir. Camping in wilderness close to the sea.

Day 6-Water Tafseer Day
Maritime expedition around the island of Rab, hiking to ferry port Jablanac / Stinica, channel crossing between mainland and Rab island by ferry, sea kayak introduction in Misnjak – ferry port, sea kayak expedition starts in Misnjak- ferry port. Sea kayaking to the camp. Overnight at the Padova 3 camp.

Day 7- Place where the Sun sets
Finals of the sea expedition. Morning “City Bound” activity in the town of Rab – an old Mediterranean city. Hike from the town of Rab to Kamporska draga bay. Sea kayak expedition along the island of Rab to Lopar peninsula. Camping at the north side of the island of Rab – camp “Zidine” (“The Wall”).

Day 8
Departure to Zagreb


The price includes:
Halal meals from dinner first day till breakfast last day, instructors, all required equipment, insurance, transfer from/to airport of Zagreb.