Sulayman Trip

  • Explorer tour
  • hiking
  • kayaking
  • orienteering
  • rock climbing
  • tree climbing


We invite you to go on a treasure hunt with us. We have constructed an intelligent adventure for you based on maps and storytelling. Upon your arrival you will be given a map with clues for a treasure that needs to be found in specified time period. With a particular reminiscence on Suleyman and his unique abilities, the focus of this trip is on animals. Bird watching and behavioral analysis of ants and other insects on our tour is conducted so we can explore and understand their wonderful world. Understand the logic of our world from taking and comprehending numerous examples from animal kingdom. Who knows, those skills might even get useful in treasure-finding.

Trip Highlights

  • First two days after settling in and enjoying the scenery, beginning of a treasure hunt
  • Hiking on the Papuk mountain, abseiling rock/tree climbing
  • Animal behavioral analysis and finding a hidden treasure
  • Ornithologist’s guide to birds


Day 1- Welcome
Arrival and welcome in Velika. Introduction. Hiking to a place to set up the camp. Dinner.

Day 2-Suleyman’s Treasure
The whole day is dedicated to teamwork and problem solving activities, knots and orienteering skills. Debriefing and overnight in camp. Maps are being distributed and the treasure hunt starts.

Day 3 - 6- Treasure is Within
Expedition days - hiking through the Papuk Mountain. The main features of the eastern part of Croatia – Slavonia – are the lowland plains with great cultivated areas. From these plains, which once were the bottom of the Pannonian Sea, mountains are rising to almost one thousand meters above sea level. One of those mountains is Papuk – the most beautiful mountain in Slavonia. These days we will practice communication, teamwork and leadership skills. Also, we are going to do some rock climbing/ tree climbing and abseiling. Apart from that, an extensive treasure hunt is on the way. Whoever manages to find it, gets to have a special treatment and talisman of a true treasure tracking as well as a surprise before the departure. Overnights in bivouacs on different locations.

Day 7- Birds Speak
Today we are working on effective learning and decision-making. Ornithologist takes you on a unique expedition of bird watching and understanding of their life cycle.

Day 8
Time to say goodbye.

The price includes:
Halal meals from dinner first day till breakfast last day, instructors, all required equipment, insurance, transfer from/to the airport of Zagreb.