Sunnah Revival Adventure

  • Explorer tour
  • caveing
  • hiking
  • horseriding


On this adventure we take you on a journey of revival of neglected Sunnah with emphasis on horseback riding as one of the leisure activities recommended for us. Horses have walked beside a man since the beginning of the time and will stay loyal to its master until the end. Guest scholars and spiritual guides are with you the whole time initiating discussions and provide help in finding solutions for different life problems. At this heaven from accelerated everyday life you will find time to reflect on your life, learn new skills and return home knowing you have prepared something you’ll be taking with you wherever you go.

Trip Highlights:

  • Visit Velebit Nature Park, UNESCO protected Biosphere Reserve
  • Horseback riding
  • discover new dimensions of nature and life itself
  • Ultimate intelectual, spiritiual and phisical test


Day 1
Arrival in Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch - situated in a valley at the base of Velebit Mountain, inside Velebit Nature Park, UNESCO protected Biosphere Reserve. Spend the rest of the day exploring the ranch and the valley. Meet the horses and enjoy your evening dinner.

Day 2
On your first day you will learn a silent language of horses, joining with horses, self-confidence, communication, saddling and riding, body language. Our wranglers will show you the gear, its history and function, give you an introductory lesson and take you on a 2-hour trail ride in the afternoon. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3
You will ride up the mountain, through the valleys and canyons, retracing an old trade routes used by merchants and caravan robbers alike. High chance of spotting a bear, deer, or wolf on this day.

Day 4
Today is another full-day horseback trip, exploring the valley, its hidden springs and watercourses. This is an intensive ride, covering some rough terrain, often going through bush and unmarked territory. A real adventure for real cowboys and cowgirls!

Day 5
We will take you on an interpretive hike to Vila Velebita cave. This very unique experience, topic of several newspaper and magazine articles, will allow you to discover new dimensions of nature and life itself.

Day 6
We will take you on a full-day ride where you will have an opportunity to put into practice what you learned the previous day. We will visit an old ghost village, preserved in time.

Day 7
Today is an ultimate test day. We will start with a bareback riding lesson in the morning followed by the final test: nonverbal communion with the horse that trusted you for the past seven days. In the afternoon we shall go in our restored horse wagon for a drive through the village.

Day 8
Departure after the breakfast.

The price includes:
7 nights in double/twin room in Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch, 6 x full board + 1 x half board, activities as outlined in the trip itinerary, horse and gear rental, use of all facilities, skilled guide and assistance, all transfers including 1st and 8th day from to Airport of Split.